Monday, October 19, 2020

Love That Album Podcast Episode 139 - Interview with Charles Jenkins of Icecream Hands


You don't need me telling you that 2020 has...uhhh....not exactly been a highlight for a whole heap of reasons besides the obvious ones ramming their way into your consciousness every day for months.

BUT.......I'm here to tell you there's a beautiful rose that grown out of the dirt.

Welcome to episode 139 of Love That Album podcast.

If you've hung around the Facebook page for this podcast long enough, you'll know I'm obsessed with Melbourne band Icecream Hands. No one expected an album of new material from these master music craftsmen....and yet, just when we needed it most, they delivered one to us, No Weapon But Love. This is the first album in 13 years from the band (who have remained busy with other musical activities in the meantime).

One of the two main singers and songwriters for the band, Charles Jenkins, returns to LTA for the first time in 7 years to discuss the album a lifesaving operation, The Zhivagos, academia, and how Charles' love of cricket not only made him into a songwriter, but how the West Indies Cricket Team determines the sequence of an album!!!! It's twue, it's twue.....

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A special shout out to Melbourne film maker Chris Franklin for leading me to his excellent short film about Charles called No Tears In The Writer. It's a great 17 minutes of insight into how Charles works. It's streaming at

You can purchase a copy of No Weapon But Love on CD or record at 

(No word if the gents are taking orders for 8 track cartridge or player piano roll.....)

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